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GLOBAL PURPOSE DAY: A Space for Purpose

  • La Pena Cultural Center 3105 Shattuck Avenue Berkeley, CA, 94705 United States (map)

Global Purpose Day: A Space for Purpose; an evening to discover, embody and experience your Purpose.

This is the first event of its kind devoted to an exploration of deep purpose in our lives, communities, and the global collective.

Our event is a global celebration. It is an open space for those who want to explore a deeper sense of Purpose and connect with the burgeoning community of Purpose practitioners throughout the globe.

This interactive event and workshop is designed to help you unlock your Purpose through self-inquiry tools, expressive visual arts, storytelling, and creative engagement.

Purpose is a creative multi-dimensional experience and we invite you to explore purpose through that multi-experiential lens. Purpose is not solely an intellectual engagement -- it must be experiencedanimated, and made conscious.

Who should attend?

Are you feeling stuck, unmotivated, and disconnected in any or all of the 5 key areas of your life: career, spirituality, relationships, community, and health? Maybe you do not fit the definition of someone who would be interested in transformational work, but the dissatisfaction you are experiencing is a powerful sign that something needs to change.

You might not know what your purpose is but want to know how to find more meaning in your life and want a community to walk with on this journey. You don't need anything to attend other than yourself, because you already possess a unique combination of gifts & talents that the world is aching to experience. Get ready to explore what those are and how to actualize them in your life.


Are you intrigued by learning and constantly looking for ways to improve, but are not inspired by what you are doing or have accomplished? There is a voice that tells you that you are meant for more, for something greater and with more impact. You are constantly trying to achieve "success" and feel you fall short or you are succeeding but not in the ways you desire. You want a singing soul, a cheery inner child, and an expressive expansiveness. You want to create and leave a legacy. We invite you to deepen your connection and activate your life purpose. The world needs you.

What to Expect

  1. Enter into Joyous Celebration of Global Purpose Day

  2. Fall into Meditative Bliss

  3. Leave Knowing your own Purpose Statement

  4. Practice Physically Embodying your Purpose Statement

  5. Experience the Expressive Nature of Purpose through Impermanent Art

  6. Learn How the World Craves & Benefits from you Living your Soul Desire

  7. Breathe your Purpose into Life with a Like-Minded Community

  8. Awaken to your Purpose and Celebrate with a Global Community

Three Manifestations of Purpose



What is my life's purpose? 

Brandon Peele will facilitate a powerful purpose statement exercise, aligning your qualities (Being), activities (Talents) and action (Mission). He will also present the science of purpose, connecting your life's purpose to everything you care about in life - intimate relationships, fulfilling work and a healthy body. You'll leave this session with a deep sense of your own purpose and insight into what it feels like to live a life on fire with purpose.



How does it feel in my body to be living on purpose? 

Gino Pastori-Ng will engage participants in exploring strategies and challenges for embodying purpose on a daily basis. It is easy to be inspired in a retreat or one time event, but how do we successfully incorporate our values and beliefs into the actions we take every day? You will leave this session with a game plan to hold yourself accountable to consistently move forward on your journey of purpose.



What does living on purpose mean for the world and for future generations?

Day Schildkret will explore the theme of legacy with regard to purpose: How our ancestor's past purpose are still alive and impacting today - and how your own purpose needs to ripple out past you and into the world effecting generations that you will never meet and days you may not live to see. You will leave this session aware of the generosity and mission of those that have come before you and how imperative it is for you to think beyond yourself when bringing a vision into this world. Warning: side effects include an overwhelming sense of gratitude and connection for larger-than-you world.


 Brandon Peele, Global Purpose Guide & Advocate, Founder of EVR1 Institute

Brandon Peele, Global Purpose Guide & Advocate, Founder of EVR1 Institute

Brandon Peeleis the Founder of The EVR1 Institute, and author of The Science of Purpose and the upcoming book, The Purpose Revolution.  In addition to 1-on-1 Purpose Guiding, workshops and live events, Brandon teaches online purpose discovery programs such as The ManKind Project (Man on Purpose Course), The P4 Course - Purpose, Planet, People, Profit), 21-Day Purpose Challenge, and Psi Omega.

Brandon also trains people to become Purpose Guides as a Faculty Member of The Purpose Guides Institute.  Previously, he taught courses at UC Berkeley in Global Business Management, Entrepreneurship, and Creativity and Personal Mastery. 

Brandon brings a global, species-wide perspective to purpose discovery.  He is the creator of a human potential measurement framework, the Continuum Development Index, the Cosmic Citizenship Exam and the free adult education initiative, B+.  His work has been featured in USA Today, Fox News and Techcrunch. 
Prior to founding The EVR1 Institute, he worked for a number of successful social enterprises (Lifefactory, Babycenter, SunTechnics), start-ups (Bebo/Aol., Crackle/Sony, Intertainer) and Fortune 500 Companies (Merrill Lynch & Co., Autodesk).  Brandon earned a B.S. Finance from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and an M.B.A. from Columbia Business School.
When he's not riding his purpose pony, you can find him outside. He enjoys trips to National Parks and World Heritage sites like Machu Picchu, Yosemite, Joshua Tree and the Grand Canyon.  He is also CPR, First Aid and Rescue First Aid trained and a PADI Dive Master.


 Gino Pastori-Ng, Co-Founder of Youth SEED and Youth Impact Hub Oakland

Gino Pastori-Ng, Co-Founder of Youth SEED and Youth Impact Hub Oakland

Gino Pastori-Ng is a Co-Founder of Youth SEED, which provides social entrepreneurship training for youth and has funded and launched over 25 youth-led social enterprise projects. He is passionate about social justice, environmental awareness, and education.

Gino was born and raised in Oakland, California, a city that provided profound life lessons on cultural and social justice. The powerful connection between the former and the latter was illuminated throughout his childhood at La Pena Cultural Center in Berkley. His formal education took place at UC Santa Cruz, where walks through the forest cultivated a passion for environmental stewardship, and a summer abroad in Barcelona inspired an insatiable appetite for global exploration. After completing a B.A. in psychology, Gino spent 2 years in South America and Asia, teaching English, learning Spanish and Portuguese, attempting to learn Mandarin, and photographing everything in between.

Back in his hometown, he supported the launch of a new elementary school in East Oakland and educated thousands of California voters about environmental action before finding his purpose in youth social entrepreneurship. Based on the belief that the people most impacted by the problems are the ones best equipped to create innovative and sustainable solutions, he co-founded Youth SEED (Social Entrepreneurship for Equitable Development) to support youth in low-income communities in launching their own social enterprise projects. Based on the success of Youth SEED, he co-founded Youth Impact Hub Oakland in 2014, as the first co-working space for youth-led innovation in a global network of over 70 Hubs. Gino is a tree hugging, hip-hop artist and aspiring yogi striving to find creative ways to unite his passions for social justice, mindfulness, environmental awareness and youth development to accelerate human evolution. Find Gino at Youth SEED or Youth Impact Hub Oakland.

 Day Schildkret, Purpose Mentor and Earth Artist, Founder of Legacy as Livelihood & 'morningaltars'

Day Schildkret, Purpose Mentor and Earth Artist, Founder of Legacy as Livelihood & 'morningaltars'

Day Schildkret, Purpose Mentor and Earth Artist, is the Founder of Legacy as Livelihood, a Purpose Coaching practice and The Break Free Lab - a nationally touring workshop, both designed for spiritually minded people who are feeling stuck, under-supported, indecisive and/or distracted but long to live a life devoted to serving their life's calling, for the sake of something greater than themselves. Learn more about Day at Legacy as Livelihood.

As an Earth Artist, Day also founded 'morningaltars', where he creates and photographs impermanent earth art mandalas from foraged local objects, such as feathers, leaves, flowers, and bones. To help others through life cycle events, Day leads mandala workshops all around the world. He is also preparing a soon-to-be-released hardcover book due out in 2016. Discover the beauty of impermanence on Global Purpose Day as well as at 'morningaltars', on Instagram, or on Facebook.

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