We aim to create impact in the world by awakening individuals and the collective consciousness to their unique purpose.

We do this by designing innovative spaces and practices that allow for the embodiment and the unfolding experience of Purpose. Once the seed of Purpose is planted, we co-create customized approaches to nurture and animate that experience into a flourishing life. We use a whole systems and integral approach that interweaves 7 elements essential to the awakening and activation of Purpose: 

Mindfulness - Health & Wellness - Livelihood - Relationships & Community - Expressive Arts - Nature - SpiritualitY


Our philosophy is inspired by the idea that we are all unique and our Purpose is to express and animate that sacred and rare gift into a world that yearns for it.



The gift and skill of being open, fully present, and in a state of acceptance to each moment as it unfolds.

Health & Wellness

The gift and skill of listening to your mind-body system to create nutritional, movement, and stillness practices that endow one with a balanced energy system, coupled with a radiant vitality of mind, body, and spirit.


The gift and skill of expressing your Purpose in the world so that it meets a very real need for yourself and others, and creates prosperity in a sustainable or regenerative fashion.

Relationships & Community

The gift and skill of self-love and the creation of familial, platonic, romantic, and community relationships from a place of internal wholeness.

Expressive Arts

The gift and skill of expressing oneself through the infinite variety of artistic practices - and the ensuing emotional and intellectual upheavals, from despair to joy, to the healing and elevating nature of creating and being created through practice.

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The gift and skill of stewarding our Earth and Space by opening to the wonder of nature and the cosmos which we are intimately an integral part of.

Spirituality (Larger sense of Meaning)

The gift and skill of surrender to the mystery of life, and to live in relationship to all phenomena from a place of sacred reverence and awe.

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Purpose is not solely an intellectual engagement — it must be experienced, animated, and made conscious.
— Fingerprint Life



Event curation and creation that deliver radical group experiences via dynamic and interactive talks, workshops, and panel discussions that are committed to whole system approaches to the learning, discovery and embodying of Purpose.



Creative and customized consulting strategies for individuals and organizations that desire to transform and magnetize their full range of talents, gifts and qualities for real impact in their lives, industry and the world at large.



Community building by linking individuals and networks with a vested interest in topics related to Purpose such as: social, transformative and impact entrepreneurship strategies, conscious marketing, spirituality, expressive arts, progressive healing and health modalities, and technology.