FingerPrint Life was created because your purpose is as rare and unique as your own fingerprint. You carry within a singular and extraordinary arrangement of gifts, talents & qualities that the world is aching to experience.  

Have you ever worked in a job where you felt bored, unmotivated or miserable?

Have you ever been in a relationship where you felt constricted, unappreciated and disconnected?

Are you in a place of transition and want to make a change that matters to you and others, but don’t know exactly how?


This is what it feels like when you are not living the deepest expression of your purpose.

When you are in the wrong relationship or job -- you can feel -- in your mind, body, and spirit that you are out of alignment with your true purpose.

truth: there is no one else exactly like you on this planet.

The problem is that you were taught to block the full expression of this sacred uniqueness through the conditioning of key childhood memories, family, society, and relationships.

It's time to break free from the chains of the past -- the source of your resistance -- to experience, embody, and animate your purpose.

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We invite you and your community to unlock your deepest creative potential, the next chapter of your life, and our collective species as a whole.